An inventory of the estate of Thomas Gaines deceased.

One negro boy named Squire about twenty-three years old $500.00. One negro woman named Charlotte-about 42 years old. One negro boy named Nat, 12 years old. One negro girl 12 years old One old blind negro woman named Fanny.

1 sorrel mare 5 years old

1 bay mare 8 years old

1 sorrel mare

1 gray

1 sorrel

1 ball filly 3 years old

1 mule colt

1 steer 3 years old

1 brindle cow and calf

1 white cow and red cow with white back and calf

1 red cow and calf

1 speckled cow and calf

1 black cow and calf

1 brown cow and calf

4 heifers 2 years old past

7 steers one year old past

1 yearling heifer

50 head of sheep more or less

2 shovel ploughs

3 cairy ploughs

1 lock chain

5 singletrees

3 cliveses and 1 pair of streachers

1 frow

3 pair plough gear and interest in diamond plough

1 singletree

1 wheat fan

a pen of wheat in the chalf

1 crib of corn

1 crib do.

1 lot of oak and walnut

1 half bushell

3 screw augers

1 drawing knife

2 sythe and cradles

1 pair of steelyards

four fifths of a lott of hamp (/)

three oat stocks

1 work bull

1 yoke of oxen]

1 yoke do.

1 log chain

1 ox wagon

1 lott of stock, hogs supposed to be 70 head

Also five dollars in gold

1 secretary

1 beauroe

1 clock

5 beds and bedding

2 tables

1 kettle 1 pot 1 oven and 1 skillet

10 chairs

2 setts hand irons

1 sad iron

2 little wheels 1 big wheel

one loom

Cupboard ware

3 hoes and 2 axes

1 looking glass

A deed from Wm Pearce to the following described land. The S.E. gr. Of S.W..

gr. Of lot 28 55 R. 12 containing 40 acres. A pattent for the s.e. gr.. of n. w. gr. Of section 6 t54 b 12. Containing 57 96/100 acres of sect. 6. A pattent for the E. half of N. E. gr of sect. 33 and the n.e. of the n.e. fr. Of sect. 54 in T55 of R 12. Containing 120 acres. And also a pattent for the E. half of S.W. gr of sect 34 T55 R.12 containing 80 acres. Also a pattent for the W. half of N.W. gr of sect. 5 T. 54 R. 12 containing 81 62?100 acres. Also a pattent for the E. half of the N.W. gr o sect. 21 T55 R 13 containing 80 acres. Also a pattent for the W. half of S. E, gr of sect. 28 T 55 R12 containing 80 acres.Also a patton for the W 1/2 of n.e. gr the W 1/2 of the N. W. gr of section 34 the E 1/2 of the S.E. gr of section 28 and the S. W. gr of section 27 in T 55 of R. 12 containing 400 acres.

A bill on the Bank of Missouri no. 212 letter B, dated Nov. 1, 1837 for $100. Also ten dollars in gold, also

one dollar and 75 cts. In silver in all---------$111.75

State of Missouri

County of Monroe

I James Porter administrator executor of Thomas Gaines deceased being duly sworn by clerk of the county court of said county depose and says that this forgoing a full inventory and description of all the money, goods, chattels and states real and personal books, papers and evidences of debt and tiller of the deceased and of all debts due and becoming dues so far as can be ascertained them except the property reserved as the absolute property of the widow and that he is not indebted or bound in any contractto the deceased at the time of his death except as states in the foregoing inventory.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of Nov. 1846 James Porter


Will of Thomas Gaines 

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