Beechwood Cemetery, Mounds aka. Thistlewood Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery, Olmsted

Butter Ridge Cemetery located east of Ullin
Cache Chapel Cemetery about 3 1/2 mi. East off Ullin off Shawnee College Rd. 
Caledonia Cemetery
Caldonia Freewill Cemetery located near the site of Old Caldonia. It was the burial 
ground for members of the Free Will Baptist Church. The church was located about one mile 
south of Olmsted, and east of the railroad. The oldest record of this church is 1870, 
but it is possible it was there earlier.

Cairo City Cemetery, Villa Ridge

Calvin Barber Cemetery Located North East of Olmsted.
Carns Cemetery on property owned by Gerry Logan. Ivy and sawbrush cover many stones several 
corner and footstones are found beneath three old cedar trees. 
Chaney Cemetery This burial spot has been destroyed. The remaining stones are now stacked 
against a tree. This is located in Section 18, in Township 15 South, Range 1 East. The
neighborhood referred to this cemetery as Gore.
Concord Cemetery located on Feather Trail 3 miles northwest of Olmsted. 
Cypress Grove Cemetery located in Perks, Illinois.
Eastwood Cemertery Location ?
Echols Cemetery,  Located on the farm of Lewis Watson. It may be known as the Jaccard
Cemetery. There are many rock-marked and unmarked graves. Inventory was made in 1987.
German Reformed Cemetery Located at Wetaug
Grand Chain Masonic Cemetery also located in Old Grand Chain across from the previous one. 

Green Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Villa Ridge

Greensbury Cemetery (Family Owned), Grand Chain

Henderson Cemetery (Family Owned), Grand Chain

Hill Cemetery
Kennedy Cemetery located in a wooded area east of Green Lawn Memorial Gardens at Villa Ridge. 
Lackey Cemetery located on the farm of Sarah Lackey Tutko south of Pulaski, Il. 
Liberty Cemetery East of Il. Rt. 51 between Villa Ridge and Pulaski 

Levings Cemetery, Levings

Lincoln Cemetery, Mounds

Long Reach Cemetery, Ullin

Masonic Cemetery at the North edge of the City limit limit of the village of Olmsted. The 
city is in charge of caretaking.

Methodist Cemetery

Mize cemetery located off Hi. 51 North of Pulaski Village on property owned by Bob McIntosh.
Mt Pisgah Cemetery located at Wetaug, Illinois

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Olmsted  west of Olmsted by the old Mt. Zion Church (now unused)

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Pulaski, Illinois

National Cemetery, Mounds

New Hope Cemetery located east of Ullin near the Taake Farm.
Ohio Chapel located 5 miles east of Grand Chain on Tick Ridge.
New Shiloh Church Cemetery 1817 earliest Baptist Church in Illinois. 
Old Caldonia Cemetery, Located due west of the Caldonia light on the Ohio River at Olmsted,
Old Mathis Farm Cemetery
 Only one stone remains;
 John Milton son of Issac M. & Caroline Kelly died 18 November 1847
 aged 4 yrs and 10 mos. 
Old Shiloh Cemetery
Old Wilkinson Cemetery only Col. David Strong`s stone is there next to the rd on
Tick Ridge. 
Olmstead Cemetery 
Olmsted Cemetery,  located within the Village of Olmsted on Caldonia Avenue. 
Pleasant Hill Cemetery located in section 1, township 15 - Range 2E,near the Ohio River. It is 
estimated that 75 graves are here, but some are in the Road-Way. 
Pauper's Cemetery  Pauper's Cemetery was located at the Pulaski
County Poor Farm which was 
established in the early 1800s, discontinued in the
late 1930's when the W.P.A. was formed. 
It was located on Old Richie Road 2-1/2
miles west of Olmsted and maintained by Pulaski County. 
Frank and Maude Schulty were caretakers near the end of it's existence. It is said to be hard 
to find
Price Cemetery located on the farm of John Schnaare about four miles west of Levings community. 
Pryor Cemetery located on the Pryor farm in Villa Ridge.
Redden Cemetery Located on the John Hogendobler farm. May graves have been lost to pasture 
and time has faded some of the stones. This inventory was done in 1987.

Ranney Hill Cemetery, Grand Chain

Richardson Cemetery (Family Owned), Grand Chain

Richey Cemetery Located at the Cross Roads Community, on the Arthur Ervin Property. 
Roach Cemetery  Small family plot surrounded by a wrought iron fence on the property
of Allen Schwartz. 
Rose Hill Cemetery located east of Pulaski, Il next to the Mt Pleasent Baptist Church 
Ullin City Cemetery, Ullin, Illinois 
Smith Family Cemetery a small family burial plot, located 2 miles west of Olmsted there is 
a Ella Chamberlain buried in this Cemetery.  Died 15 May 1886.

Spencer Heights Memorial Park Cemetery, Mounds, Illinois

St Catherine Cemetery locted 1/4 Mi from Grand Chain in Old Grand Chain. 
Steers Cemetery This cemetery is not shown on maps. It is in Section 10, Township 15 South, Rane 
1 East.

Thistlewood Cemetery - aka Beechwood Cemetery

Treadway/Stokes Cemetery small burial place located east of Pulaski about two miles. The First Christian 
Church was across from it.

Unity, Mounds
Unknown Cemetery; Two soldiers graves were located near the above location by Stan Palmer in 1984.

1 S. H. Spence Co.l 81st. Ill. Inf. 2. Sgt. Andrew Calvin Co. F 11th Ill. Inf. Research of
 Glenna C. Badgley revealed the following:
 Andrew Calvin enlisted on 15 August 1862, promoted to 2nd Lt. on
 January 9th 1863; 1st Lt. on 30 July 1864; mustered out on July 14
 1865 Augustus Calvin and Joseph Calvin were in Co. F. Joe was killed at
 Yazoo City, Mississippi on 5 March 1864 Sam H. Spence of Villa Ridge
 enlisted on 20 August 1862. Co. F. 11th Inf.; died Memphis, Tennessee
 on 13 Feb. 1863.

Weaver Cemetery (Family Owned), Pulaski

Yoakum Cemetery (called WATERS cemetery on geological survey maps) located 2 miles south of Grand 
Chain and one-half mi. west of the Ohio River. Property owned by Pete Reichert. 




Bethlehem Cemetery, Olmsted

Cletus Cooper  Born September 25, 1908 in Illinois Died May 29, 1969

Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of Charley Moore and Dora Virginia, wife of James Cooper.


Caledonia Cemetery

Florence Moss Prier  Born December 4, 1871 in Pulaski County, Illinois Died February 8, 1933
Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of James S. Moss, wife of Grant Pryor

Source Notes:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand

Grace Lee King  Born November 2, 1888 in Olmstead, Illinois Died October 18, 1926 in Olmstead, Illinois

Henderson Cemetery (Family Owned), Grand Chain


Minnie Edwards Born October 22, 1886 in Illinois; Died January 28, 1969 in Saline County, Illinois

Source Notes:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


George Washington Jones  Born July 10, 1892 in Tiptonville, Tennessee  Died May 6, 1967 Cairo, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Son of Fred Jones and Ludia Waterhouse
Walter Perkins Born September 10, 1878 Died March 13, 1947 Pulaski County, Illinois
Genealogical Notes:  Husband of Luella Perkins, son of Simmon Perkins

Source Notes:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Long Reach Cemetery, Ullin, Illinois

Mt. Olive Cemetery, Pulaski, Illinois


Beatrice Climmons  Born August 23, 1911 Died June 21, 1934

Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of Charley Eubanks, wife of Walter Clemons.


Dorothy Evelyn Clemons  Born May 31, 1939 - September 16, 1939

Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of Walter and Hazel (Bennet) Clemons.


Pryor Cemetery


Loren Edmund Pryor  April 4, 1933 - January 26, 1934

Genealogical Notes:   Son of Floyd and Annie (Williams) Pryor Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Stanley Pryor  July 26, 1933 - July 10, 1934

Genealogical Notes:   Son of John A and Bessie (Woolfolk) Pryor Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Spencer Heights Memorial Park Cemetery


Gloria Blackful

February 22, 1907 in Mounds, Illinois - September 18, 1993 in Mounds, Illinois


Claudiaus Bolen died June 13, 1967 in Mound City, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:   Son of Claudette Bolen; Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Bailey D. Brooks

December 25, 1900 in Holly Springs, Mississippi  - May 1, 1967 in Cairo, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Son of Charlie Brooks and Fannie Nabors; Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Samuel Claypool, Jr.

August 12, 1910 in Grand Chain, Illinois - September 16, 1993 in Mounds, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Husband of Annie Shaffer, son of Samuel and Rosie (Browder) Claypool


Brenda Conchita Pryor

Born February 4, 1942 in Mounds, Illinois Died November 17, 1943 in Mounds, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of R.H. Pryor and Millard Georgia Taylor

Source Notes:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Henry Taylor, Jr.

November 11, 1938 in Tennessee - June 21, 1969 in Cairo, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:   Son of Henry Taylor, Sr. and Elnora Terry; Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Thistlewood Cemetery


Luemer Lucille Algee, July 22, 1909 in Hardeman County, Tennessee; Died June 15, 1967 in Pulaski County, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Wife of Herbert W. Algee, Daughter of Thomas Mike Anderson and Lillie Mae Chrisp; Source:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Leo J. Crumble, born March 8, 1931 in Cairo, Illinois; Died November 3, 1934 in Cairo, Illinois  Genealogical Notes:  Son of Leslie and Louise (Stephens) Crumble Source:  Family Search website


Virgil Bernard Crumble, born July 12, 1929 in Cairo, Illinois; Died June 2, 1930 in Cairo, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Son of Leslie and Louise (Stephens) Crumble Source:  State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand


Ruth Ann King, October 21, 1888 in Pulaski County, Illinois; Died September 6, 1967 in Mounds, Illinois

Genealogical Notes:  Daughter of Thomas D. King and Lucy Walker; Source:   State of Illinois Death Certificate on hand





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