This is a more complete list of names in my database.  Not all names have been thoroughly researched, but I may have information that could help you in your genealogical quest.  Feel free to email me to see what I may have.


ALBRITTEN         Ballard Co, KY

ALLENSWORTH KY>Alexander Co, IL> Pulaski County , IL > Ohio

AUSTIN              KY>Pulaski Co. IL

BARFIELD           NC>Stewart Co. TN>Humphreys Co. TN> Ballard Co, KY> Pulaski County , IL > Madison Co, IL>Erie Co, OH> Ottawa Co, OH>Milwaukee County, Wisconsin>Kern County, CA


BARNET             Calloway Co, KY> Pulaski County , IL

BEASLEY           Ballard Co, KY

BENSON             Elmo Co, AL> KY> Pulaski Co, IL >Pulaski Co, IL  

BIRD                   Hickman Co, KY> Pulaski Co, IL

BLANKS             VA> Ballard Co., KY> Alexander Co. IL> Vermillion Co., IL>  Cook Co., IL>

Lucas Co., OH

BOMAR              Ballard Co, KY 

BRADSHAW      Graves Co, KY>Ballard Co, KY>McCracken Co, KY

BROADY            Ballard County KY

BROOKS            Ballard County KY > Pulaski Co, IL> St. Clair Co. IL

BROWDER         Lauderdale Co, TN>KY>Pulaski Co, IL


BUTLER             Hickman Co, KY> Pulaski Co, IL

BYAS                  Ballard County KY >Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


BYRD                 Hickman Co, KY> Pulaski Co, IL


CLAY                  KY> Pulaski Co, IL 

CLAYPOOL        KY> Pulaski Co, IL > Milwaukee , Wisconsin

COBB                  Ballard County KY

COCKRELL        Ballard Co, KY

COLE                  Ballard Co, KY

COLEMAN         Ballard Co, KY

CRICE                Ballard Co, KY

CROCKER         Ballard Co, KY

CROSSLAND    Hickman Co, KY> McCracken Co, KY>Pulaski Co, IL> > St. Clair, IL > Madison Co., IL >


CURTIS             KY>; Henry Co. TN> Pulaski Co, IL

DANCE              Ballard Co, KY



DOTSON           TN>Ballard Co., KY> Pulaski County , IL

DURRELL          NC>Ballard Co, KY


EDWARDS        VA>  Ballard Co, KY


ELLISON           Ballard Co, KY


FOREE               Ballard Co., KY> Pulaski Co., IL

GHOLSON         Ballard Co, KY>Hickman Co, KY>McCracken Co, KY>St. Louis, MO

GORDON            KY  

GRIFFEN            Ballard Co, KY

HALL                    Weakley Co., TN>KY> Pulaski Co., IL> Madison Co.> IL

HARKLES             Ballard Co, KY



HEADY                 Ballard Co, KY


HENDERSON       Ballard Co, KY>Pulaski Co. IL 



HINES                   Ballard Co, KY

HOBBS                  Kentucky>Pulaski Co. IL 



HOLLOWELL       Caldwell Co, KY> Ballard Co, KY

HOPE                    KY> Pulaski Co. IL

HUGHES              Ballard Co, KY

INGRAM              Ballard Co, KY> Pulaski Co. IL

JACKSON            Eastern Ohio> Ballard Co, KY

JEFFERSON         KY> Pulaski Co, IL

JENKINS              Ballard Co, KY

JOHNSON           NC > KY> Pulaski Co, IL> Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin


JORDAN              Hickman Co, KY> TN > Pulaski Co, IL

MANION              SC>KY> Pulaski Co, IL

MASON                Hickman Co., KY>Ballard Co, KY Pulaski Co, IL

MASSIE                KY>Pulaski Co, IL

MCCLELLAND     NC>KY>Henry Co, TN> Pulaski Co, IL

MERRIWEATHER Calloway Co, KY>Ballard Co, KY

MILBURN            Ballard Co, KY

MOORE               Clinton  Co, KY 

MOORE                Ballard  Co, KY

NASH                   Ballard Co, KY

O'NEAL                Ballard Co, KY> Alexander Co., IL> White Co., Illinois> Pulaski Co. IL>St. Clair Co, IL> St. Louis, MO

OUSLEY               Ballard Co, KY 

PARKER               TN>KY> Pulaski Co, IL >MI            

PENN                     Ballard Co., KY> Pulaski Co, IL

PORTER                Hankville, KY> Pulaski Co, IL

POSTON               Calloway Co, KY>Ballard Co, KY

POWELL                KY>Pulaski Co. IL

RAY                        Hickman Co., KY> Pulaski Co, IL

REED                      Clinton Co, KY

REEVES                  Ballard County , Kentucky

RICHARDSON       Ballard Co. KY> Pulaski Co, IL> Cook Co, IL

ROBERSON           Ballard Co, KY

ROBERTS              Ballard Co, KY

ROBINSON            Ballard Co, KY

ROGERS                Ballard Co, KY> St. Clair Co, IL

ROSE                     Graves Co, KY> Pulaski Co., IL>Massac Co, IL

ROSS                     Ballard Co, KY

RUTLEDGE           KY> Pulaski Co, IL

SENTER                Ballard Co, KY> Graves Co. KY> Pulaski Co, IL

SONSBERRY        KY> Pulaski C   o, IL  

STONE                  Ballard Co. KY> Pulaski Co, IL>OH

STOVALL             KY> Pulaski Co, IL

TAPLEY               Hickman Co., KY> Pulaski Co, IL

THOMAS              McCracken Co., KY

THOMAS              Hickman Co, KY> Pulaski Co, IL> Madison Co, IL> Peoria Co, IL

TOWNLEY                Ballard Co, KY

VIRGINIA             VA> LA> KY> TN> Pulaski Co, IL

WEBB                    Ballard, KY

WILLIAMS            Ballard Co, KY

WILLOBAR           Ballard Co., KY> Pulaski Co, IL

WOODS                 Ballard Co, KY

WOOLFOLK          VA> KY> Pulaski Co, IL

YARBROUGH        KY> Pulaski Co, IL>







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