These records were transcribed on November 10, 2000.   A random sampling of the names I am researching are contained in this file.  Some of the colored records dated back into the 1850's.  These marriage record books are located in the Greenville County court house.  Researchers are welcome to do their own research in the books.  I found the records kept in a neat orderly manner.



Colored Marriage Book 1


Bond made by Wm. MCCLELLAN and J.S. GEOGHIGAN for marriage of Wm. MCCLELLAN and Elizabeth RUCKS, 8/6/1870, page 169


Marriage of Fred ANDERSON to Margaret WASHINGTON, 8/15/1870, page 181


Bond of $200 made by Alexander ANDERSON and W.E. DULTON for marriage of Alex ANDERSON to Catherine CLARK,  2/28/1871, page 306


Bond OF $200 made by Sam M. BAREFIELD and Magruder FERGUSON , for Marriage of Samuel M. BAREFIELD and Mollie Z. BUCKNER, 11/16/1871, page 510



Colored Marriage Book 2, 1/13/1872 -  9/26/1873


Bond of $200 made by Frank BAREFIELD and George R. FARMER for marriage of Wm. MCCLELLAN and Elizabeth RUCKS, 1/19/1872, page 9


Bond of $200 made by Salem ANDERSON and Charles SCOTT for marriage of Salem ANDERSON and Elizabeth SPURLOCK, 1/31/1872, page 32


Bond of $200 made by William ANDERSON and  George WASHINGTON for marriage of William ANDERSON and Katie JONES, 2/3/1872, page 39


Bond of $200 made by Jefferson BOWMAN and Napoleon ANDERSON for marriage of Jefferson BOWMAN  and Mary WILLIAM , 3/2/1872, page 72


Bond of $200 made by Charles SCOTT and George WASHINGTON for marriage of Charles SCOTT and Lucy ANDERSON, 3/27/1872, page 108


Bond of $200 made by Willis ANDERSON and  Anderson MOBLEY for marriage of Willis ANDERSON  and Angeline, 6/22/1872, page 183


Bond of $200 made by Gus MONTGOMERY and M. WILLIAMS for marriage of Gus MONTGOMERY and Annabelly ANDERSON, 7/2/1872, page 192


Bond of $200 made by Preston TYLER and George WASHINGTON  for marriage of Preston TYLER  and Henny WILLIAMS, 8/28/1872, page 231


Bond of $200 made by Henry ANDERSON  for marriage of Henry ANDERSON and Maria MADISON, 1/19/1872, page 238

NOTE:  Following is a transcription of a letter attached to the above marriage license.


                                                                                      Leoda Landing

                                                                                      Washington Co. Mips.

                                                                                      23rd Aug 1872


To the Clerk of Probate

Greenville, Mip


          Enclosed you will fine th??? Dollars.   Please send me a license for Myra Madison and Henry Anderson to get married and enclose it to me.


                                                                   Your Obet Servnt

                                                                   Thomas Kershaw


Bond of $200 made by David KNOX  and Fred ANDERSON for marriage of Fred ANDERSON and Jane ANDERSON, 8/31/1872, page 245


Bond of $200 made by Dock ANDERSON and Elder BLOCK for marriage of Dock ANDERSON and Lizzie FOSTER, 9/18/1872, page 245


Bond of $200 made by Greene ANDERSON and Jeff W. MOORE for marriage of Greene ANDERSON and Mary SMITH , 10/7/1872, page 281


Bond of $200 made by Wm TAYLOR and Davy JOINER for marriage of Wm TAYLOR and Sauea JACKON , 4/17/1873, page 517


Marriage of Zachariah TAYLOR and Jane MITCHELL, pagge 559




Colored Marriage Book 3 9/26/1873 - 12/2/1875


Marriage of  Norris JACKSON and Millie ANDERSON, 12/11/1873, page 39


Marriage of  Elijah ROBINON and Adeline ANDERSON, 12/23/1873, page 61


Marriage of  R.M. ALEXANDER and Euenia BAREFIELD, 1/12/1874, page 105


Marriage of  William PRICE and Sarah ANDERSON, 3/11/1874, page 172


Marriage of Ben JACKON and Henrietta BAREFIELD, 10/29/1874, pae 306


Marriage of Edward JONES and Ellen MCCLELLAN 12/31/1874, PAGE 377


Colored Marriage Book 4


Bond made by Frank BARFIELD and George R. FARMER for marriage of  Frank BARFIELD to Keziah PARISH


Marriage of E.V. MCKENNY to Mip Carrie BEARFIELD, 1/12/1876, page 33


Marriage of Buck ANDERSON to Mip Hannah WOODS, 2/2/1876, page 45


Marriage J.C. RYALS to M.L. BAREFIELD, 2/9/1876, page 50


Wm TAYLOR Jerry ANDERSON to Kizzie JACKSON, 2/26/1876, page 59


Marriage of Bill MCCLELAN to Virginia CHATMAN, 3/28/1876, page 77


Marriage of Sam MCCLELLAN to Affie NELSON, 5/10/1876, page 119


Marriage of Westley RICE to Jane ANDERSON, 8/4/1876, page 128


Marriage of Henry ANDERSON to Agnes WESWOOD, 1/20/1877, page 203


Marriage of Watt ANDERSON to Charlotte JACKSON, 2/10/1877, page 217


Marriage of Homer DUVALL to Eliza ANDERSON, 2/12/1877, page 226


Marriage of Isaac MCCOLLIM to Eliza JENKINS , 9/8/1877, page 291


Marriage of W.A. LISBONY to Fannie a BARFIELD, 12/21/1877, page 331


Marriage of Charles ANDERSON to Maria NELSON, 12/22/1877, page 332


Colored Marriage Book 5


Marriage of Samuel MOORE to Charlott ANDERSON, 8/24/1878, page 50


Marriage of Coleman STRICE to Jane ANDERSON, 12/30/1878, page 83  




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