1880 Grand Chain Precinct

 8  ALLENSWORTH, Ferg.            B            M            29            Laborer         KY            TN            TN

            Harriett                       B            F            27            Housewife     KY            KY            VA

            Winnie                        B            G         6          Dau                 IL            KY            KY

            Bemus                      B            M         4          Son                 IL            KY            KY

            Maria                          B            F          2          Dau                 IL            KY            KY


1880 Grand Chain Precinct

 37   ALLENSWORTH, Randle      B      M      57      Farmer           KY      VA      VA

Sarah                                      B            F            47            Housewife            KY            VA            VA

            Elizabeth                               B            F            19            Dau                 KY            KY            KY

            Bailey                                     B            M            18            Son, Wk RR            KY            KY            KY

            Randle, Jr.                            B            M            18            Son, Wk frm            KY            KY            KY

            George                                              B            M            15            Son                 KY            KY            KY

            Phillip                                      B            M            13            Son                 KY            KY            KY

            Bula                                        B            M            10            Son                 IL            KY            KY

    AARON, John                            MU            M         6            Grandson      IL            TN            KY

            Sarah                                      MU            F          6            Granddau      IL            TN            KY

    ALLENSWORTH, Chas.                B            M         1            Grandson      IL            TN            KY


1900 Grand Chain Precinct, Pulaski County, Illinois


8  WILSON, Harriet                        B            F            Mar, 1852   Head               48            KY            VA            VA

ALLENSWORTH, Maria            B            F            Jan, 1878            Boarder         22            IL            KY            KY

Manley, Jeffrey             B            M            Jan, 1895            Boarder           5            IL            IL            IL

ALLENSWORTH, Minnie            B            F            Apr, 1874            Boarder         26            IL            KY            KY

ALLENSWORTH, MargernonB            F            Jul, 1896            Boarder           3            IL            TN            IL

WILSON, Lincoln                        B            M            Mar, 1882   Son                 18            IL            KY            KY


1920 Grand Chain Precinct, Pulaski County, Illinois


99  101    Freeman, Silas              Head  O  F     M            B            63            M            TN            TN            TN

100 102  Allensworth, Bemis Head            O  F            M            B            44            M            IL            KY            KY

Effie F.            Wife                        F            B            40            M            IL            KY            TN

101 103 Freeman, Lucie               Head  O  F     F            B            74            WD            TN            NC            TN




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