Mississippi Barefield Wills:

The Barefield info on this page were graciously donated by Mari Byers, hostess of the Rutherford County, Tennessee Genweb.


Barefield, Francis Warren Co. A-149 1847

Barefield, Jesse Warren Co. A-257 1859

Barefield, Miles Cla Co. A-249 1834

Barefield, Samuel Was Co. 2-125 1900

Barfield, John Cop. Co. AAA-462 1840


 Yalobusha County, Ms. Tax List

 Barfield, William I.

 Barfield, James H.

 Barfield, Joel


 Tennessee 1804-1820

 Name Acres Location W--B

 Barfield, Stephen 180 1 town lot 0 8

 Barfield, Stramlar merchants

 and Barfield


 D.B. "E" No. 486

 Frederick Barfield to James Barfield

 500 acres Indenture June 17, 1807

 For love and affection for his son James Barfield.

 Begin William Barfield's cor. etc.

 Witness: William Barfield and James Dickson

 Registered July Session 1807 Rutherford County Court


 Will of Francis Barefield (I cant read most of it)

 Warren Co., Ms.

 he gives slaves: Jo, Betsy-to be sold

 to daughter Eliza Jane-Negro girl named Ellen

 to daughter Nancy Jenette-Negro girl named Bythenia (?)

 to daughter Susan Anne a Negro woman named Hasty and a Negro boy named

 to his wife (looks like) Rody Barefield Negro woman named Eliza

 (the only other thing I can read is the name Stephen Hatcther, who sold
Barefield land)


 D.B. "A" No. 11 27 June, 1804

 Joseph Thomas Rhodes to Frederick Barfield

 Indenture 25 August 26th year of American Independence 1801, between
Joseph Thomas Rhodes, of Duplin Co., NC. and Frederick Barfield of same
place, 2,000 acres of land lying in County of Davidson in the State of North
Carolina formerly...but now in the state of Tennessee...on the main West
Fork of the Stones River. Beginning at West bank of said forkwhere the
Soldiers Boundary Line crosses, commonly known as the Rutherford Line,
thence.........thence with the patient line.......thence......./ Being the
upper part of a Military Grant of 3840 acres to Joseph Rhodes,captain of the
Continential Linebearing the date 20 May, 17th year of American Independence

 wit: Wm. Dickson Susan Dickson


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