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First Generation

1. Cornelius ANDERSON. Born ca 1725.

2 i. Timothy (ca1750-1816)
ii. Allen.

Second Generation

2. Timothy ANDERSON. Born ca 1750 in Place Not Known. Timothy died in 1816 - ?
in 1816; he was 66.

On 2 Mar 1770 when Timothy was 20, he married Elizabeth SLOAN, daughter of
Henry SLOAN Sr., in Rowan Co., NC.

They had the following children:
i. Henry. Born abt 1771.

3 ii. Cornelius (1773-1839)
iii. Daniel. Daniel died abt 1818; he was 42. Born abt 1776. Occupation:
Overseer of Clarksville Streets, Constable around 1809.

Daniel married Elizabeth _?_. Born ca 1780.

iv. Elijah. Elijah died in 1816; he was 37. Born abt 1779.

In 1812 when Elijah was 33, he married _?_ McCORKLE, daughter of Archibald
McCORKLE, in Montgomery Co., TN.

v. Allen. Born abt 1781.

vi. Timothy. Timothy died bef 1830.

Timothy married Jane _?_.

vii. Jonathon.

viii. Richard. Richard died ca 1850 in Montgomery Co, TN.

In 1843 Richard married Margaret RUDOLPH. Born ca 1796.

Third Generation

3. Cornelius ANDERSON. Born on 1 Jan 1773 in Rowan Co., NC. Cornelius died in
Stewart Co., TN on 18 Jul 1839; he was 66.

On 13 Dec 1796 when Cornelius was 23, he married Mary SCOTT, in Davidson Co.,
TN. Born on 8 Feb 1777. Mary died on 18 Dec 1864; she was 87. Buried in Old
Limestone churchyard near Cobden (probably).

They had the following children:
i. James. Born on 7 Oct 1797 in Montgomery Co TN-probably. James died in
Trigg Co, KY in 1859; he was 61.

On 27 Feb 1817 when James was 19, he married Harriet FERRILL, daughter of John
FERRILL & Zilpah FERRILL, in NC (probably). Born ca 1798 in NC (probably
Martin Co). Harriet died ? .

4 ii. Timothy (1799-1847)
iii. Elizabeth "Betsy". Born on 28 Sep 1803 in probably in Stewart Co., TN.
Elizabeth "Betsy" died in Union Co., IL (probably at Toledo) on 8 Nov 1893;
she was 90.

On 28 Sep 1819 when Elizabeth "Betsy" was 16, she married Thomas FERRILL, son
of John FERRILL & Zilpah FERRILL, in Dover, Stewart Co., TN. Born on 12 Jun
1795 in North Carolina-probably Martin County. Thomas died in Toledo, IL on 6
Aug 1849; he was 54. Occupation: Farmer.

iv. Mary. Born on 23 Jun 1806 in probably in Stewart Co., TN. Mary died in
Madison Co., IL on 30 Dec 1866; she was 60.

On 11 Nov 1828 when Mary was 22, she married Lewis RICKS, in Stewart Co., TN
or Trigg Co., KY. Born on 10 Oct 1800 in Nash Co., NC. Lewis died in near
Prescott, KS on 30 May 1889; he was 88.

v. Thisbe. Born on 17 Jun 1808 in Stewart Co., TN. Thisbe died on 4 Oct
1856; she was 48. Buried in Old burial ground below the Limestone Baptist

On 27 Jan 1825 when Thisbe was 16, she married Davis Warren BIGGS, son of John
BIGGS (11 Oct 1772-ca 1837) & Nancy WARREN (18 Jun 1769-aft 1840), in Stewart
Co., TN. Born on 21 Nov 1805 in North Carolina. Davis Warren died on 6 Nov
1887; he was 81. Buried in Old burial ground below the Limestone Baptist

vi. Phoebe. Born in 1811. Phoebe died in 184_? ca 1840; she was 29.

Phoebe married David JONES.

vii. Cornelius "Neely". Born on 9 Sep 1814 in Stewart Co., TN. Cornelius
"Neely" died in 1893; he was 78.

On 30 Dec 1834 when Cornelius "Neely" was 20, he married Susan MORRIS,
daughter of Asa MORRIS (1780/1790-) & Polly MORRIS, in Probably Stewart Co.,
TN. Born on 21 Mar 1815. Susan died on 11 Nov 1842; she was 27.

viii. Sarah. Born in 1817. Sarah died ? .

On 23 Nov 1837 when Sarah was 20, she married Moses LYNN.

Fourth Generation

4. Timothy ANDERSON. Born on 30 Sep 1799 in Davidson or Montgomery County, TN.
Timothy died in Cobden, Union County, IL. on 12 Jun 1847; he was 47.

On 19 Sep 1820 when Timothy was 20, he married Drucilla BIGGS, daughter of
Reuben BIGGS (20 Oct 1775-ca 1858) & Sally WATSON, in probably in Stewart
County, TN. Born ca 16 Mar 1805. Drucilla died in Cobden, Union County, IL. on
17 Dec 1877; she was 72. Buried in Limestone cemetery.

They had the following children:
i. Sarah "Sally". Born ca 1821. Sarah "Sally" died in died after 1870.

On 1 Jun 1837 when Sarah "Sally" was 16, she married Reuben A. MORRIS, son of
Asa MORRIS (1780/1790-) & Polly MORRIS, in Union County. Born ca 1817 in In
Tennessee. Reuben A. died in Stewart Co., TN. while visiting his brother on 21
Nov 1870; he was 53.

ii. Cornelius W.. Born ca 1823.

On 20 Jul 1843 when Cornelius W. was 20, he first married Nancy BLACK,
daughter of Thomas BLACK, in Union Co., IL.

On 30 Jun 1850 when Cornelius W. was 27, he second married Mary DAY, in Union
Co., IL.

iii. Alfred. Born ca 1826.

On 27 Aug 1844 when Alfred was 18, he married Rachel E. HODGES, daughter of
Thomas HODGES, in Union Co., IL. Born ca 1831 in Alabama.

iv. Carroll. Born on 3 Aug 1827. Carroll died in Sulpher Creek, Colusa Co.,
CA on 1 Jan 1903; he was 75. Buried in Williams, CA.

On 15 May 1853 when Carroll was 25, he married Julia Ann BENEFIELD, daughter
of James BENEFIELD (ca 1805-) & Unknown Unknown, in UCI. Born on 5 Apr 1831 in
Indiana, probably Hendricks County. Julia Ann died in about 5 miles north of
Sedalia, MO on 28 Nov 1899; she was 68. Buried in Mt. Herman Baptist Church.

5 v. Newton (1829-1887)
vi. Louisa. Born ca 1831. Louisa died ca 1857; she was 26.

On 15 Jul 1851 when Louisa was 20, she married Fleming Smith CASTLEBERRY, son
of William Martin CASTLEBERRY Jr. (1788-1841) & Jenny FOX, in Union Co., IL.
Born ca 1824 in Hopkins Co., KY. Fleming Smith died in Union Co., IL on 14 Apr
1866; he was 42.

vii. Lucinda. Born on 26 Dec 1832. Lucinda died in Anna, Union County, IL on
6 Mar 1909; she was 76. Buried in Limestone Cemetery, IL.

On 3 May 1866 when Lucinda was 33, she first married Joel NANCE. Born ca 18
Dec 1822 in North Carolina. Joel died on 1 Feb 1879; he was 56.

On 5 Jul 1883 when Lucinda was 50, she second married James T. WALLACE. Born
on 18 Aug 1883. James T. died on 16 Oct 1897; he was 14.

viii. Magilbra. Born on 23 Jul 1834 in near Cobden, Union Co., IL.. Magilbra
died in LaCenter, Clark Co., Washington on 7 Apr 1918; he was 83. Buried in
Mt. Zion Cem., near LaCenter.

On 22 Nov 1855 when Magilbra was 21, he married Caroline WILLIAMS, daughter of
John R. WILLIAMS (1808-1869) & Sarah JOBE (1817-1841), in Jackson Co., IL.
Born on 15 Nov 1836 in Ohio. Caroline died in LaCenter, Clark Co., Washington
on 20 Jul 1913; she was 76. Buried in Mt. Zion Cem. near LaCenter.

ix. Reuben Marion. Born on 22 Mar 1837. Reuben Marion died in Military
cemetery at Mounds, IL on 15 Feb 1862; he was 24.

Reuben Marion married Piety WHITLOCK, daughter of William C. WHITLOCK & Jane
GRAHAM. Born on 20 Jul 1839 in Jonesboro, IL.

x. Alzada Matilda. Born on 27 Jan 1842. Alzada Matilda died in Near Morley,
Scott Co., Missouri on 18 Feb 1923; she was 81. Buried in At Morley.

On 26 May 1859 when Alzada Matilda was 17, she married Thomas M. GREGORY, son
of John GREGORY & Sarah LEONARD, in Union Co., IL. Born on 4 Nov 1938 in
Probably Union Co., IL. Thomas M. died on 11 Nov 1878 in Union Co., IL.

xi. Marshall Alston. Born on 18 Dec 1844.

Marshall Alston married Catherine LEERIGHT, daughter of George W. LEEWRIGHT &
Emeline KIMMEL. Born abt 1837 in Warrick Co., IN.

Fifth Generation

5. Newton ANDERSON. Born on 21 Mar 1829 in near Cobden, IL. Newton died in
Pulaski Co., IL on 21 Mar 1887; he was 58. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cem., Joppa, IL.
Occupation: Farmer.

On 22 May 1851 when Newton was 22, he married Nancy Caroline CASTLEBERRY,
daughter of William Martin CASTLEBERRY Jr. (1788-1841) & Jenny FOX, in Union
County, IL. Born in 1832 in Calloway Co., KY. Nancy Caroline died in Pulaski
Co. or Massac Co., IL on 27 Dec 1899; she was 67.

They had the following children:
6 i. Thomas R. (1852-1924)
ii. Jefferson. Born on 27 Jul 1853 in Union County, IL. Jefferson died on 10
Sep 1913; he was 60. Buried in I.O.O.F. cem., Joppa, IL.

Jefferson married Nancy HANNAH, daughter of John HANNAH & Malinda HANNAH. Born
in 1868.

iii. Sabina U.. Born in 1855 in Union Co., IL.

Sabina U. first married Jeremiah HAVENS. Born in 1852 in in Illinois.

Sabina U. second married John PEARSON.

iv. Lamina Alice. Born on 23 Jul 1857 in Union Co., IL. Lamina Alice died in
Massac Co., IL on 1 Jul 1935; she was 77. Buried in Masonic Cem., Metropolis,

In 1877 when Lamina Alice was 19, she first married Benjamin Franklin WOOD,
son of Bailus E. WOOD & Jemina WOOD, in Pulaski Co. Born in 1853. Benjamin
Franklin died on 2 Jul 1890; he was 37.

Lamina Alice second married Jonathan FARMER Jr., son of Jonathan FARMER Sr. &
Susan HILL. Born on 16 Jan 1836. Jonathan died on 29 Feb 1928; he was 92.
Buried in Masonic Cem., Metropolis, IL.

v. William Douglas. Born on 1 May 1860 in Union Co., IL. William Douglas
died in Bozeman, Montana on 30 Mar 1936; he was 75. Buried in Sunset Cem.

On 9 Jan 1885 when William Douglas was 24, he married Margaret Jane BLEVINS,
daughter of William BLEVINS & Emma BLEVINS, in Diehlstadt, MO. Born on 12 Jan
1869. Margaret Jane died on 26 Oct 1961; she was 92.

vi. Helen Post. Born on 22 Jul 1862 in or 8/22/1862 in Union Co., IL. Helen
Post died in Massac Co., IL on 24 Jun 1937; she was 74. Buried in Boaz Cem.,
Boaz, IL.

On 21 Mar 1880 when Helen Post was 17, she married Napoleon David WOOD, son of
Bailus E. WOOD & Jemina WOOD, in Massac Co., IL. Born on 2 Nov 1851. Napoleon
David died on 26 Nov 1924; he was 73.

vii. Willis Herman. Born on 12 Feb 1866 in Union Co., IL. Willis Herman died
in Karnak, IL on 14 Sep 1942; he was 76. Buried in Grand Chain Cem.

In 1891 when Willis Herman was 24, he first married Alice HAIGHT, daughter of

On 31 Mar 1897 when Willis Herman was 31, he second married Ollie May WOODS,
in Massac Co., IL.

On 3 Sep 1899 when Willis Herman was 33, he third married Lilly Katherine
McCLELLAN, in Grand Chain, IL.

viii. Corah Ann. Born on 1 Sep 1867 in Union Co., IL. Corah Ann died in
Karnak, IL in Nov 1939; she was 72. Buried in Grand Chain Cem., Grand Chain,

On 4 Sep 1887 when Corah Ann was 20, she married James Madison BERRY, son of
William C. BERRY & Elizabeth THRASHER, in Pulaski Co., IL. Born on 19 Sep
1859. James Madison died on 29 Aug 1926; he was 66. Buried in Grand Chain
Cem., Grand Chain, IL.

ix. Victoria Adeline. Born in 1869 in Union Co., IL. Victoria Adeline died
in Died while giving birth to a child, who also died. in 1901; she was 32.

ca 1899 when Victoria Adeline was 30, she married _?_ JOHNSON, in or 1900..

x. Eliza Jane. Born on 3 Oct 1871 in Pulaski, Co., IL. Eliza Jane died in
Fremont, Nebraska on 27 Feb 1930; she was 58. Buried in Grand Chain, IL.

On 9 Feb 1888 when Eliza Jane was 16, she married John Campbell REED, son of
Robert J. REED & Ella REED, in Pulaski Co., IL. Born on 16 Oct 1842.. John
Campbell died on 2 Mar 1924; he was 81.

xi. Earnest. Born on 8 Nov 1875. Earnest died on 26 Feb 1896; he was 20.
Buried in I.O.O.F. Cem., Joppa, IL.

Sixth Generation

6. Thomas R. ANDERSON. Born on 22 Mar 1852. Thomas R. died in Metropolis, IL
on 17 Jul 1924; he was 72. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetary, Joppa, IL.

Thomas R. married Mary Catherine BONIFIELD, daughter of Thomas J. BONIFIELD
(1815-) & Elizabeth SALE (1821-). Born on 1 Jul 1850 in Ohio. Mary Catherine
died on 7 Feb 1932; she was 81. Buried in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Joppa, IL.

They had the following children:
i. Oscaulia. Born on 15 Dec 1879 in Massac Co., IL. Oscaulia died on 10 Jul
1892; she was 12. Buried in I.O.O.F. cem., Joppa, IL.

7 ii. Gertrude N. (1883-1903)

Seventh Generation

7. Gertrude N. ANDERSON. Born on 20 Nov 1883 in Massac Co., IL. Gertrude N.
died in Massac Co., IL on 19 Jul 1903; she was 19. Buried in I.O.O.F Cemetery
Joppa, IL.

On 28 Jul 1901 when Gertrude N. was 17, she married John E. RAMER, son of
James F.E. RAMER (15 Jan 1847-14 Oct 1915) & Mahala Angela WEEKS (11 Feb
1854-6 Sep 1923). Born on 13 Dec 1882 in MO. John E. died in Near Olmstead, IL
on 29 Apr 1904; he was 21. Buried on 1 May 1904 in I.O.O.F Cemetery Joppa, IL.

They had one child:
8 i. Elmon Randolph (1902-1987)

Eighth Generation

8. Elmon Randolph RAMER. Born on 19 Jun 1902 in Massac Co., IL. Elmon Randolph
died in Genesee Co., Flint, MI on 14 Nov 1987; he was 85. Buried on 17 Nov
1987 in Sunset Hills Cemetery, Flint, MI. Occupation: Worked-AC Spark Plug,
Flint, MI. Retired 27 years-1967. Religion: Methodist.

On 30 Jun 1923 when Elmon Randolph was 21, he married Adaline Madge FOURNIE,
daughter of Augustus David "Bob" FOURNIE (22 Sep 1870-23 Jan 1923) & Indiana
"India" FIELD (21 Feb 1879-11 Feb 1906), in Mound City, IL. Born on 6 May 1902
in Pulaski Co., Grand Chain, IL. Adaline Madge died in Flint, MI on 23 Mar
1985; she was 82. Buried on 26 Mar 1985 in Sunset Hills Cemetery, Flint, MI.
Occupation: Homemaker. Religion: Methodist.

They had the following children:
9 i. Mary Frances (1924-1988)
ii. James David. Born on 14 Jul 1927.

Ninth Generation

9. Mary Frances RAMER. Born on 25 Mar 1924 in Grand Chain, IL. Mary Frances
died in Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, AL on 12 Jan 1988; she was 63. Buried
on 15 Jan 1988 in City Cemetery, Stevenson, AL. Occupation: Homemaker, Part
Time Sales-Avon, Queensway Clothes. Education: Central HS-1942-Flint, MI.
Religion: Presbyterian.

On 7 Jan 1945 when Mary Frances was 20, she married Hubert Lasson RAGAN Jr.,
son of Hubert Lasson RAGAN Sr. (2 Jun 1897-8 Jan 1969) & Neva Earldean POLK
(21 Feb 1900-19 Mar 1981), in Flint, MI. Born on 1 Jan 1924 in Gideon, MO.
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer-AC Spark Plug-Flint, MI. Education: Central
HS-Flint, Gen Motors Institute. Religion: Presbyterian.

Michael W. RAGAN
118 Main Street
Stevenson, AL 35772
(256) 437-8651/8282

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