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Descendants of Muke Young



Generation No. 1


1.  MUKE1 YOUNG was born 1832 in Tennessee, and died August 27, 1911 in Levings, Illinois.  He married MARY ANN RUTLEDGE.  She was born 1834 in Tennessee.     

Children of MUKE YOUNG and MARY RUTLEDGE are:

2.                i.       CALVIN2 YOUNG, b. March 1856, Tennessee.

                  ii.       WILLIAM YOUNG, b. 1858.

                 iii.       SETH YOUNG, b. 1859.

3.              iv.       WAYNE YOUNG, b. 1872, Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.

                  v.    IDA YOUNG, b. 1876.

                 vi.       NANCY YOUNG, b. 1877.

                vii.       ELLEN YOUNG, b. 1878.

               viii.       ADA YOUNG, b. 1880.

                  ix.       GRANT YOUNG, b. 1873.

4.                x.       GREELY YOUNG, b. 1875.

                  xi.       CLEM YOUNG, b. 1878.



Generation No. 2


2.  CALVIN2 YOUNG (MUKE1) was born March 1856 in Tennessee.  He married LUCY JANE WILLIAMS March 22, 1877 in Pulaski County, Illinois (Source: Illinois Marriage Index, Volume 1 Page 58.), daughter of NELSON WILLIAMS and SARAH MITCHELL.  She was born November 01, 1861 in Nashville, Tennessee, and died July 25, 1939 (Source: Pulaski County Death Certificate, Page 338.).


                   i.       FLORENCE3 YOUNG, b. 1878.

                  ii.       SETH YOUNG, b. March 1880, Illinois.

                 iii.       EDWARD L. YOUNG, b. September 1881.

                 iv.       CLEUR YOUNG, b. August 1884.

                  v.       ANNIE YOUNG, b. January 1887.

                 vi.       HARRY YOUNG, b. November 1890.

                vii.       CALLIE E. YOUNG, b. July 1892.

               viii.       ADA E. YOUNG, b. July 1895.

                  ix.       HUGH YOUNG, b. October 1898.

                   x.       CECIL YOUNG, b. July 28, 1902.

                  xi.       EARNESTINE C. YOUNG, b. 1907.


3.  WAYNE2 YOUNG (MUKE1) was born 1872 in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.  He married KAMILY DAVIS December 20, 1899 in Levings, Illinois (Source: Marriage License, Pulaski County, Illinois.), daughter of JOHN DAVIS and FANNY RANSON.  She was born 1878 in Huntington, Tennessee.

Children of WAYNE YOUNG and KAMILY DAVIS are:

                   i.       ETHEL3 YOUNG, b. 1901.

                  ii.       EVON YOUNG, b. 1902.

                 iii.       CLARA E. YOUNG-GREEN, b. 1903.

                 iv.       THELMA YOUNG, b. 1906.

                  v.       ORLIN YOUNG, b. 1907.

                 vi.       ODESSA YOUNG, b. May 31, 1910, Pulaski County, Illinois.

5.             vii.       ORVILLE LEON YOUNG, b. May 02, 1915, Levings, Illinois.



4.  GREELY2 YOUNG (MUKE1) was born 1875.  He married SALLIE L. DAVIS August 07, 1899 in Pulaski County, Illinois (Source: Marriage License, Pulaski County, Illinois.).  She was born November 1876 in Illinois.

Children of GREELY YOUNG and SALLIE DAVIS are:

                   i.       LEODA3 YOUNG, b. 1901, Illinois.

                  ii.       MAYETTA YOUNG, b. 1903, Illinois.

                 iii.       GLADUS YOUNG, b. 1907, Illinois.

                 iv.       ALBERTA YOUNG, b. 1909.

                v.         EUNERAL YOUNG, b. 1913, Illinois.





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